Jane Addams Resource Corporation

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  • Mission Statement

    The Jane Addams Resource Corporation (JARC) promotes strong communities, businesses and households to ensure that people who work do not live in poverty. JARC provides high quality skills training and support services to help lower-income and unemployed workers achieve self-sufficiency. JARC provides economic and workforce development services to businesses to improve their competitiveness.

  • Execution summary of the impact of the organization’s work in 2019

    JARC is a pioneering leader in sector- based training and workforce development and has a long history of training incumbent workers and unemployed adults in the manufacturing industry. JARC has also been nationally recognized for its Center for Working Families model and services. It is the combination of these two strategies that has the most profound impact on the individuals we serve. Historical rates of program completion, industry certification, job placement and retention are each between 85-90%.

  • Established/Founding Date

    December 26, 1985

  • Organization’s History

    JARC’s comprehensive training programs serve both manufacturing employers and job seekers. From its initial niche in the stamping industry, JARC’s scope and expertise have expanded over the past 35 years to include a number of trades within the metal fabricating sector, including Computer Numerical Control (CNC), metalforming, and welding.

  • CEO/Executive Director

    Guy Loudon

  • Size of Organization’s Staff


  • Diversity of Staff

    Less than 50%

  • Current Operating Budget


  • Education Level of Primary Target Population

    No HS Diploma, High School Diploma/GED, Some College, No Degree, College Grad


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